What is a Multidisciplinary Health Care Center?

We are one of only a few Multidisciplinary health care centers in Santa Fe or in New Mexico. We work with your primary health care practitioner to find the best approach to treating you.

Our team includes:

Dr. Michael Crawford, a chiropractor, board certified in pain management and with 20 years experience,

Dr. Wren Willow, an acupuncturist who specializes in pain reducing treatments, and as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine offers an array of tratment for many ailments,

Nina Kalin, a licensed massage therapist, who specializes in relieving pain using deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release, and

Luna Jordan, a registered yoga therapist, specializing in the best stretching and excercise therapy available.

Your M.D. or Nurse Practitioner plus our team:
Chiropractic Doctor - Pain Treatment Specialist
Acupuncturist - Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Massage Therapist - Myofascial Expert
Yoga Therapist - Excercise Therapist
Will offer you the best therapy for a pain free and healthy life!

To read more about each practitioner, click "About Us" on the menu bar,

Call (505) 983-3037 to book your appointment today!

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