Why Should You Seek Treatment?

Many People think their pain will go away on its own, or are told this.
Then after suffering for weeks finally decide to seek treatment. The worst advice to follow is "Just wait - it will get better" or "It is all in your head", or "Just learn to live with it." We see patients frequently that have been in pain for 5 years because they followed this very bad advice. Some people just don't know what kind of treatment to seek.

When you have pain it is your body telling you that something is wrong - and you need to do something about it.

Delaying treatment allows your body to compensate for the injured area. Even if the pain gets better, muscles tighten and joints don't work like they supposed to. This puts extra stress on many joints. You are so much more prone to another injury, usually worse than the first. But even more insidious is that joints under stress - without you even knowing it - will wear out. This leads to arthritis in the spine, hip, and knees.

Can you prevent hip or knee replacement surgery? YES, but you can't wait until the hips or knees are worn out. You have to start much earlier! We can help!

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