What can we do for you?

Santa Fe Pain Center is a multidisciplinary health care center specializing in helping you get rid of pain with treatment, and teaching you to stay rid of the pain. Many of our patients remain pain free for years.

The most common types of pain we treat are sprain and strain injuries to the low back from lifting or sometimes from just bending to pick up something. Auto accidents also result in sprain and strain injuries.
Whiplash causes sprain and strain to the neck, upper and lower back, and is the second most common reason for patients to seek treatment here. With our treatment, patients get well in half the time compared to other clinics and other types of therapy.

Headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, and low back pain are all common complaints that may occur for no obvious reason. These complaints are often accompanied by muscle spasms and restricted ranges of motion (can't turn head, or hurts to bend). Even though you may just wake up one morning with pain and can't figure out why, there is always a reason for getting pain. We can help figure out why and help prevent it happening again.

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