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Santa Fe Pain Center Update

As of June 30, 2020, Dr. Michael Crawford has retired. He's gone fishing and wishes everyone a healthy future. Dr. Bobby Perea (pictured) has taken over all of Dr. Crawford's cases, past and present. Dr. Perea is providing continuing care to Dr. Crawford's previous patients and managing their patient files. New patients accepted.

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Expert Drug-Free Pain Management

20 Years Experience

Multiple Treatment Choices

Specialists in treating:

Auto & Work Injury

Neck Pain, Whiplash, Headache

Back Pain, Sciatica

Orthopedic Injury

Treatment Choices

Reducing your pain as quickly as possible is our goal.  To that end, we use multiple modalities including chiropractic, infrared, and massage.

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Insurances Accepted

Almost all major insurances are accepted, such as:

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield




United Health Care

All City & State Plans

Auto Insurance

Worker's Comp. Insurance

& Others

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Feel Better Than Ever

Our job isn't finished once your pain is resolved.  We also have suggestions and options to prevent its return.  Delaying treatment may complicate your recovery.  Call today and ask how we can help you improve your well-being and get more out of life!

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